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Mya Talks About Some Of The Unusual Requests She Gets

Mya 3Hello everyone! I want to talk a little about special requests that clients have when they hire a personal stripper. I am one of the strippers available to hire, and I want to say, the client's preferences are always at the top of our priorities. I want you to feel good about hiring me and I want you to have a huge smile on your face when it comes time for us to part. That being said, with client preferences being a priority, here are some unusual requests I have had in the past....all of them fulfilled!

"Can I Touch Your Hair?"

I had one client that had a thing about my hair. He watched me strip, but instead of focusing upon my sexy body, he was more interested in what is on top of my head. I have all-natural hair and it has never been dyed, curled, teased, or processed in any way. Because of this, I think this particular client was especially focused upon the length and thickness my hair has. It was a bit unnerving that he wasn't really into watching my body all that much. Maybe he had a hair fetish? I am not completely sure. Anyway, he kept asking me if he could touch my hair. Of course, I complied. That did it for him. When my performance was over, he requested that he run his fingers through my hair for a while instead of being intimate. Okaaaaay....  So, we did this and he threw me a hefty tip and thanked me for my time. Hey, whatever the client wants is what we give!

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Live Your Mardi Gras Festival Fantasies When You Book Vegas Strippers

bianca3Mardi Gras is a time when people take to the streets of Vegas to enjoy the festivities going on around them. One feature that most guys enjoy the most about this celebratory holiday is the baring of breasts by women who want to be awarded with beaded necklaces. This tradition has been going on for years, and will likely continue for quite some time. Hiring strippers can give you the same type of pleasure. Read on to find out how your Mardi Gras fantasies will come true with private strippers.

No Need For Traveling At All

While it is fun to walk around Vegas to take in the signs and sounds during Mardi Gras, there's something to be said about staying at your home or hotel room while getting the same entertainment. Hiring strippers to come to you means you don't need to worry about getting lost, feeling sick in a strange place if you consume too much alcohol, or need to get a ride from a designated driver when the festivities come to an end. Your strippers will arrive at your place and leave after their allotted time. You can relax and take it all in comfort.

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Go All Out This New Year in Vegas

gabrielle3 400If you recently found out you are going to be in Las Vegas for the upcoming New Year's Eve celebration, or if you live in Vegas and just didn't make plans yet, finding something to do on this exciting evening is a must. There are several options to keep in mind so you can enjoy festivities to the fullest. Here are some ideas to help you prepare for the holiday, Vegas-style.

Hit Establishments That Do Not Require Reservations

Many restaurants require advance bookings for New Year's Eve. Because of this, it is best to seek buffet-style options as you may be able to pay at the door instead of having to have a particular seating time. Alternately, head to a local nightclub or bar that provides food on-site. Casinos do not require reservations of any kind, making them a wonderful option if you want to try your hand at luck for the new year. The aura is pretty intense, so you may want to check this out during your night out. Nightclubs are also popular choices, however, it is best to call beforehand to find out if advance tickets are necessary. Calling that day could still land you a spot inside if a nightclub is not totally booked for the holiday.

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Deseree Wants To Be Your Bachelor Party Planner

Deseree 1Are you in charge of hosting a bachelor party for one of your friends or family members? Are you going to throw your own gala event before you tie the knot yourself? No matter who the guest of honor is, being prepared for a bachelor party is extremely important so guests in attendance are kept entertained. Adding strippers to the mix makes the event turn into a whole other type of with only positive benefits. We asked our party planner, Deseree, to provide us with some tips for hosting a top-notch party. Read on to learn how you can incorporate them into your own event.

Schedule Your Strippers Well In Advance

Escort services that have strippers available for hire tend to be busy, especially during the spring and summer months when weddings are taking place. To ensure your bachelor party has women showing up, it is best to contact a service months before the event is to take place. This way, you will know there will be girls coming to the party rather than needing to scramble at the last second to try to find some. If you wait, you risk having to hire women without experience. This is something you don't want to do as it could cause the party to be less than festive. Give us a call or send us an email to let us know the date of your party, so we can get the ball rolling in having strippers ready for you.

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Enjoy Your Own Private Rodeo In Your Room

Shea 1You've purchased your ticket to the upcoming Vegas rodeo finals and couldn't be happier about spending time at this exciting event when it arrives. What if you want to experience all things "rodeo" during this week during the times the event is not in session, however? There are several rodeo-inspired features going on throughout the city, but this means you have to get ready and go out into the public. You can have your own rodeo in the comfort of your own room! Read on to find out how.

Invite Some Escorts Over For The Experience

It is no fun having a rodeo on your own. There's no one else to speak with or show off your clothing to. You'll want to have others around to get the full effect. Hiring a few of our escorts is just what is needed to have a rodeo in style. Our girls will show up to your hotel room dressed in country apparel, setting the stage for an enthralling time you don't want to miss. As soon as they arrive, you'll know you are in for a real treat.

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