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Nessa Plays Strip Poker

nessa03Have you ever had the advantage of watching a pretty girl take off all of her clothes right in front of your eyes? Well, a client of mine was lucky enough to have me do just this a few nights ago. We decided that playing strip poker would be a fun activity, and boy were we right! Here's what happened.

We Went Out First

Before we got to slinging down cards and peeling off clothing, we decided to go out and see what was going on at the casinos in the area first. In fact, we went out without realizing we would play strip poker at all. Seeing the action in the casinos gave us the idea to try some card-playing on our own later on. The casinos were happening, beautiful people were all around us, and the aura set us in the mood for intimacy later. There's something about the lights and sounds of these places that get me all riled up!

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Vera Has Won A Real Pole Dancing Competition

vera1Hello there, ladies and gentlemen! My name is Vera and I'm pleased you decided to read more about my history and what I'm capable of providing if you book a date with me! I'm totally into stripteasing and want to show you my moves and body up close where you can appreciate it fully. Does this sound like fun? I have plenty of experience and I even won a pole-dancing competition in the past! Here is more about me to help you decide if I am the right woman for your needs.

I Was A Professional Dancer

Not all escorts can claim to be strippers, and those that are, can't all claim to be professionals at their trade. I, however, am able to boast about both. I am a stripper, and I was professionally trained to be one. I have worked in strip clubs around the country, from Miami to New York, and now, Vegas. I have a few stage names and if you are a frequent strip club visitor, you may have heard about me. Yes, I am that good! I love what I do and find it intriguing to see what makes people excited when it comes to gyrating around on stage. I have won awards for my performances, including a pole-dancing competition at a prestigious strip establishment.

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Mya Talks About Some Of The Unusual Requests She Gets

Mya 3Hello everyone! I want to talk a little about special requests that clients have when they hire a personal stripper. I am one of the strippers available to hire, and I want to say, the client's preferences are always at the top of our priorities. I want you to feel good about hiring me and I want you to have a huge smile on your face when it comes time for us to part. That being said, with client preferences being a priority, here are some unusual requests I have had in the past....all of them fulfilled!

"Can I Touch Your Hair?"

I had one client that had a thing about my hair. He watched me strip, but instead of focusing upon my sexy body, he was more interested in what is on top of my head. I have all-natural hair and it has never been dyed, curled, teased, or processed in any way. Because of this, I think this particular client was especially focused upon the length and thickness my hair has. It was a bit unnerving that he wasn't really into watching my body all that much. Maybe he had a hair fetish? I am not completely sure. Anyway, he kept asking me if he could touch my hair. Of course, I complied. That did it for him. When my performance was over, he requested that he run his fingers through my hair for a while instead of being intimate. Okaaaaay....  So, we did this and he threw me a hefty tip and thanked me for my time. Hey, whatever the client wants is what we give!

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How Jessica Discovered Her Exhibitionist Side

Jessica 6Thank you for visiting! I am Jessica, and I am here to tell you about how I discovered that exhibitionism was a thing I really had an interest in. Not all people like showing off their bodies to others, but wow...I sure do! There's something about having others look your way that makes you feel like doing it more and more! Read on to learn how I discovered my new hobby.

My Looks Were Always Important To Me

I am one of those women who want to look their absolute best at all times. If you go out to the store with pajama bottoms on and a messy hairdo, you are bound to run into someone you know. I am not that girl! I always take the time to primp myself before I go anywhere at all. I think this is the reason why people gaze in my direction more often than not. If you take the time to select a becoming outfit and do your hair and makeup, you'll have people take second glances when you walk past. It is that acknowledgment that started my new passion. No one wants to be ignored, especially not me!

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Live Your Mardi Gras Festival Fantasies When You Book Vegas Strippers

bianca3Mardi Gras is a time when people take to the streets of Vegas to enjoy the festivities going on around them. One feature that most guys enjoy the most about this celebratory holiday is the baring of breasts by women who want to be awarded with beaded necklaces. This tradition has been going on for years, and will likely continue for quite some time. Hiring strippers can give you the same type of pleasure. Read on to find out how your Mardi Gras fantasies will come true with private strippers.

No Need For Traveling At All

While it is fun to walk around Vegas to take in the signs and sounds during Mardi Gras, there's something to be said about staying at your home or hotel room while getting the same entertainment. Hiring strippers to come to you means you don't need to worry about getting lost, feeling sick in a strange place if you consume too much alcohol, or need to get a ride from a designated driver when the festivities come to an end. Your strippers will arrive at your place and leave after their allotted time. You can relax and take it all in comfort.

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