Private Strippers In Las Vegas

Private Strippers in Las Vegas

Many visitors tend to prefer Vegas private strippers and for good reason. Vegas in room strippers offer an experience that you are simply not going to be able to find anywhere else. Are you ready to have a private stripper come and pay you a visit the next time you’re in Vegas?

We understand the appeal of sending Las Vegas strippers to room because we have been there before. Me and my wife love to play with all of the finest women that this city has to offer. We have done all of the necessary research, so that you do not have to.

Maybe you are someone that does not like dealing with all of the noise and smoke that is normally found at Las Vegas strip clubs. We all have nights like that, even strip club regulars like ourselves. The drinks can get expensive and sometimes, it makes more sense financially to just grab a bottle of your favorite liquor and have a little party at the hotel room.

Las Vegas hotel strippers are some of the finest Las Vegas strippers for hire. For those who have already had the strip club experience and are looking for something new, in room strippers are a breath of fresh air. Meanwhile, there are those who are not in the mood to see a semi topless dancer in a crowded place.

Why would ever do that when you can enjoy the company of a fully nude dancer without all of the usual hassles? It’s an absolute no brainer. Me and my wife also love to get massages together but sometimes, we like to avoid the busy massage parlors that do not allow us to enjoy a more unique experience. When we are looking to treat ourselves to a great time, we love to schedule a private strip show.

We also encounter a lot of people who are looking to have a better bachelor party and would rather spend their money on private strippers. It gives the client more of a sense of control, as opposed to heading to a strip club and hoping for the best.

Your reasoning does not matter. What matters is that you are able to hire the best Las Vegas private stripper for your next event!

Here are a few things that you need to know that will make the hiring process easier:

For starters, congratulations on making a great choice. Once you have had Las Vegas bachelor party strippers come directly to your room, the normal strip club experience is going to pale in comparison. It is a much better evening and the costs are much lower.

The analogy I’d give you is simple: isn’t it more fun to buy your favorite alcohol and enjoy a more subdued bash at home with your buddies, as opposed to dealing with bar prices and bar problems?

The principle here is much the same. While this practice is encouraged and will cost loss, there are still certain guidelines that you’ll want to follow. I’m here to serve as your fearless leader. I’m happy to pass along the knowledge I’ve gained as a Las Vegas local because I understand that the average tourist doesn’t have oodles of time to invest in the research aspect. Feel free to read on….

Do Not Rely On The Cards From The Strip

So, you’ve just arrived in Vegas and you’re in search of a good time. You leave the hotel to take a stroll on the Strip. Within moments, someone hands you a card and all of your entertainment concerns are solved! Not so fast, though. First of all, those bozos are going to charge your credit card before anything even happens.

Does that sound awesome to you? If you still wish to proceed, here’s how your “wild” Las Vegas night ends. The girl who arrives at your door won’t be the knockout on the card and she’ll also want some money before the festivities can begin. The meter never stops running and before you know it, you’re out a grand or two. Throw the card away.

Surely the girls on the truck offer a better experience?

Absolutely not. All of the same issues that I just described with the card girls are still there and you get the added bonus of giving your business to the card tossers (the same agency owns both).

Now I know what you’re thinking. Backpage or Craigslist should be sufficient, right?

Not so fast. Both are in murky territory from a number of standpoints and on the off chance you do find an enticing ad? God bless. If you’re lucky, you’ll lose out on some money. If you’re unlucky, you could be drugged, robbed and/or accosted by a pimp who isn’t bound by any regulations or background checks.


We know the city and we only work with the best. The seedy characters and unprofessional types are weeded out. Why end up with some woman who does not look like the advertisement when you can spend some quality time with the hottest strippers in Vegas?

Las Vegas Private Strippers: What To Expect

Let me start by saying that the experience will be much wilder than the generic strip club trip. The fully nude massages that aren’t available at the strip joint? They’re all yours, in addition to private shows with the costumes and toys of your choosing. With Vegas private strippers, you can have all that and then some.

I don’t wanna bore you with all of the math, but a round trip strip club ride, 2-3 drinks apiece, some lap dances and a VIP room will you run at least $1,000 and that’s if you’re lucky. Meanwhile, the rest of your party is bored and the dancers are, too. The average spend for this type of night trends more towards $2,000 by the time everyone else gets a lap dance and some more drinks.

But if you call for Vegas in room strippers?

Multiple girls will arrive at your hotel room, eager to please. They’re fully nude and everyone’s getting a lap dance. There’s even money left over to tip the girls, stock the room with premier liquor and anything else your heart may desire. The costs are sliced significantly and you’re having way more fun than you would at a strip club.

The Dancer of Your Choice….Or No Money Spent

At strip clubs, you end up settling. With us, there are no charges until you have found the perfect dancer for you. What do you like? We can make it happen for you, no problem. A towering BBW Asian who is fluent in multiple languages? That can be arranged. You don’t owe us a dime until she has arrived and you are satisfied with what you see.

A Controlled Environment

Vegas strip clubs are great but they don’t really offer much from a VIP standpoint. And why would they? Men (both locals and out of towners) flock by the hundreds to throw away their mortgage payments daily. Oh, you want a VIP experience? Here’s a group booth and a see-through curtain. Knock yourself out.

Or, Las Vegas strippers arrive at your hotel room, where you have all of the privacy and control you could ever want. It’s a quiet, relaxing environment where no one is yelling over an obnoxious DJ. No drunken fools yammering within earshot. Why would you ever opt for that experience?


Bachelor party? Couples’ excursion? Just looking to have a great time? Trust us with all these needs. When our dancers aren’t entertaining you, they are modeling and doing local media appearances. Costumes, props, games, music, its all available to you. A true VIP experience, catered to your taste.

How Far Can I Go?

The only limit is your imagination. I’d just like to take this time to warn you that regardless of what have you have heard, prostitution is legal in Nevada, but only when you’re in a brothel that has licensing. Those places are a long drive from where you’re staying but feel free to rent a car and have fun if that’s what you’re into.

Or you can be an adult and have fun, while avoiding the illegal activity. There’s nothing wrong (or illegal) about two adults being mutually attracted to one another and enjoying each other’s company. Do not use money as a form of persuasion. Play it safe, be smart and keep it legal.

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