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It does not matter if you are on the Strip or hanging out downtown. All Las Vegas hotels and casinos are serviced.
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If you're looking for the hottest strippers in Vegas, my wife and I can provide you with all of the necessary information.
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Service is provided to couples, as well as singles. Just let us know and we'll send Vegas girls to your room right away!

Are you looking to learn more about Las Vegas private strippers? In search of the best strip club in Las Vegas? We're here to help!

We provide you with all of the tools that you need to truly enjoy Las Vegas. Count on us for all of your strip club reviews and gentlemen’s club reviews. We’ll link you with the hottest strippers in Las Vegas and babes of your dreams and offer the necessary background on strip clubs in Las Vegas. Whether you’re looking for great deals or advice about your Vegas bachelor party, my wife and I will allow you to rely on our vast expertise.

This is real entertainment for anyone over 18 years of age or older. Whether it's Crazy Horse III or Spearmint Rhino, our super hot strippers are better than anything you're likely to find at the clubs. Take a moment and consider a fully nude girl on girl show right in your room. Sure, lap dances, exotic dancers are a lot of fun. But let's face it, nothing compares to a private show and bottle service is super expensive!

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By placing your trust in Mr. and Mrs. Cox, you are guaranteeing yourself a great time without even having to leave the hotel room. The best strip club in Vegas can offer a fun experience but we send girls direct to you. You’ll save all kinds of time and money that are better spent elsewhere. It’s one of the best ways for a visitor to unwind but we know that you are going to have plenty of questions.

That’s understandable. Finding Asian strippers Las Vegas to your room can seem like the sort of thing that is too good to be true. When you contact us (instead of the card tossers on the Strip), we make sure that the experience unfolds exactly as it should. Our guides ensure that you get the most out of your Vegas getaway and find the Las Vegas strippers of your dreams.

Don’t hire Las Vegas male strippers or inquire about girls to your room without coming to us first. We are sharing our research with all visitors, so that they can avoid the Las Vegas pitfalls. There’s no need to rely on card tossers or the women who ride the trucks (which are owned by the same company as the card tossers). And of course, we accept credit cards.
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Who Are We?

Meet The Coxes

My wife and I are the most informed source for all things related to the Vegas strip club scene. You might be wondering why we are such a valuable resource in this regard. The reason is a very simple one: we actually met and fell in love in one! My future wife just so happened to be working on that fateful night. My name’s Andre and this is our cute meet story.

The drinks flowed, the sparks flew and it was love at first sight. After we shared a few drinks and took a few trips to the VIP room, we knew that we had the sort of connection that few other couples can match. I still remember the sheer electricity that was in the air when we first met. Our relationship is open and we love to head to the strip clubs in Las Vegas to scout for new women to date together.

I’ve been around the world and seen lots and lots of different women. As an army brat who hopped from base to base, I’ve been very worldly from a young age. After accruing my fortune during the dot com boom, I’ve become an angel investor and a bit of a real estate tycoon. I no longer drink but let’s just say that the local dispensaries know me well!

As for my wife, Candy? She’s got all of the insider knowledge that I lack. As a former premium Las Vegas stripper, she’s privy to information that you are not going to find anywhere else. Candy knows all of the performers, bouncers and club personnel that will make or break your experience. She’ll even provide a private pole dancing lesson, if that’s what you’re into….

Candy is also an experienced dominatrix. She’s spent plenty of time in the sex dungeons and clubs of Las Vegas, so you can feel free to pick her brain if you want to find out more. We are the sort of couple who lives to party and now, you can live the high life with us. We’ll give you the details that you require, in as timely of a fashion as possible.
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It does not hurt to do your own research when it comes to time to hire private Vegas in room strippers. In fact, we encourage it. We love it when couples come to us with their own ideas and plans. All we are here to do is make sure that your fantasies are fulfilled. Las Vegas is considered to be the premier adult playground but you’ll need a helpful road map when you are in town.

After all, visitors cannot be expected to know everything about this amazing city. You need someone like us, someone who has all of the insider knowledge that will allow you to sidestep the usual Vegas hassles. We give you access to the VIP experience that few other visitors are ever able to enjoy. There simply isn’t enough time for the average visitor to learn the ins and outs of the city.

That’s where we come into play. The site will provide you with comprehensive strip club rankings and guides that are designed to give you a leg up as soon as you arrive. You won’t need to rely on the tourist traps because you’ll have all of the advanced knowledge that you need. My wife and I are more than happy to assist you in all of your Las Vegas endeavors!
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