April 28, 2021

How To Become A Stripper In Las Vegas

As a previous Las Vegas stripper, I'm here to encourage you with some tips to help you land the job of your dreams. My name is Candy, and I have stripped in many of the major strip clubs in Sin City, as well as a few of the more obscure event locations. I have plenty of years of experience and I know what is needed to get noticed and make money. Here are steps to take to improve your chances of being that woman dancing in the limelight.

Get The Right Tools Before You Search For Jobs

To get a stripping job at any Las Vegas strip club, you need to have a Sheriffs' card on hand. This is a card that proves to prospective club owners that you are free from incidents involving the law that would make you a bad choice for an employee. If you did have a prior situation occur, you would be informed that you could not have a Sheriff's card at the time you apply. This card costs $45 and is usable for five years. In addition, you need a business license to strip in Vegas. This costs $200. It is best, however, to contact a few strip clubs that interest you to inquire whether this is necessary for their establishment, as a few do not require it.

Be Prepared By Looking Your Absolute Best

When you walk into any one of the strip clubs in Las Vegas to try to snag a dancing role, make sure you look sexy and ready for action. You do not want a hiring manager to see you with unkempt clothing or a bare face without a dab of makeup to be seen. Gussy yourself up before you get to an establishment. First impressions are lasting impressions, so those who you are trying to get to hire you need to see you at your best. This means styling your hair, accentuating your features with cosmetics, and donning an outfit people cannot look away from. If you look your best, you'll increase your confidence level, which is ever so important in this field of work!

Contact Clubs To Ask About Auditions

Not all strip clubs require an audition. Some hiring managers will ask you to walk around to see how you present yourself, and so they can check out your overall aura and figure. Others will ask you to get on stage and do a quick strip session. Call several clubs to ask about their hiring policy rather than just walking into them spur of the moment. This could cause hiring managers stress if you happen to walk in at a time when business is booming. Usually, there is a set time when interviews or auditions are held for prospective dancers.

Create A Routine That You Know Inside Out

When it comes time for an audition, if one is necessary, you want to strut your stuff without any mistakes. Practice a routine at home until you know it forward and backward, fast and slow, inside and out. Use moves that you can slow down or speed up if a club is in charge of selecting the music you dance to. You will feel extremely confident if you have a routine already mastered. That along with your looks will boost your chance of a job offer.

Be Aware Of The Private Dancer Need

Being a private dancer is what gets you the big bucks. When I was a stripper, I knew that while being on stage in front of many clients would improve my reputation, the money wasn't as big as when you went into a room one-on-one with a client. A private dancer needs to be aware of the desires of a client. Hone in on what makes them smile and work with it. You do not need to do any more than you want to when you are alone! Keep that in mind. Many women make extreme amounts of money simply by taking off clothing in a sultry manner. You want private dances. Use your personality to encourage clients to spend some time with you alone. Private dancing is what led me to a wonderful marriage to Andre, by the way. You just never know where a private rendezvous will lead!

Stand Out From The Rest

When you do get an offer to be a Vegas stripper, you want to be in the spotlight so that you make money. It can be difficult to complete with tens or hundreds of other dancers. Create a persona for yourself different from the others. For example, wear all black clothing to give off a Goth feel or opt for lace to appear as if you are angelic and demure. Use this persona every time you strip so those who come to an establishment repeatedly, get to know you because of your appearance. Most of all, have fun!

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