September 20, 2023

While The Guys Are Away...

Hire Male Strippers For The Ladies To Enjoy

Hello everyone, it's Candy with some vital information pertaining to bachelor parties. As a previous strip club worker, I have seen instances where a guy's partner tags along for a bachelor party from afar. This is not a good idea by any means! It puts the guys in a predicament as they can't feel at ease with their girls watching, and it makes the girls totally jealous even though strip club actions are a form of adult entertainment that won't lead anywhere outside the establishment. This being said I have a few ideas for the ladies to have their own fun while their guys are at a bachelor party. Whether you are the bride-to-be, a bridesmaid, or a friend or family member of the woman soon to be married, you'll have the time of your life while your partner enjoys the bachelor party without prying eyes to worry about.

What To Do While The Guys Go To The Bachelor Party

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em! Who says that the guys get all the fun when it comes to a wedding soon to be happening? While the guys are out enjoying their party, have a ladies night and bring your own party to the girls by hiring the hottest male stripper to bare it all. Consider hiring a private male stripper to come to a hotel room or home to surprise the ladies with featured dances without a stitch of clothing getting in the way. Most private dancers come prepared with their own music and props to provide watchers with an entertaining performance in a setting where you can let loose and not worry about who is around you. It's a relaxing experience that allows you to remain completely comfortable throughout the entire session. It'll be pretty tough to stop watching that male stripper to think about what your significant other is up to, we can guarantee that.

Head To A CoEd Strip Club

There are two main clubs in Las Vegas that feature male exotic dancers in addition to female strippers. Get your entourage together, hire a limo, or find out if the club provides one for you with a package deal, and party all night at one of these impressive mixed gender strip establishments. Larry Flynt's Hustler Club has the "Kings of Hustler" showing it all off for the ladies on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. This classy strip establishment also boasts a rooftop bar with a DJ so you and the rest of your group can dance away before or after the show. Another of the famous strip clubs with male dancers is the Sapphire Gentlemen's Club. Don't let the name fool you, as women are definitely included in the fun awaiting once you enter the front doors. Who doesn't like a lap dance? This high-energy and high-class club has male review showings every Friday and Saturday night. The womens strip club is in a separate area, allowing your group to enjoy the thrills of adult entertainment while your guys do the same in another area. Enjoying dances in a unisex strip club allows all to have fun. You can then meet up with the guys to enjoy dancing together while you rehash the night together.

Try Some Pole Dancing

What woman doesn't want to feel sexy? After all, your guy is out there watching a performance with female strippers. Shouldn't he be watching you with the same intensity when he gets back from his party? Of course, he should! Take some pole dancing classes!! Learn all about pole dancing from a professional strip club worker and try your movements in a private strip show where you can receive pointers from someone who knows the ropes. Your instructor will let you know how to move your body so that it appears enticing and will show you some tricks on how to keep yourself upright while gyrating and swinging around the pole. Many women purchase poles to have installed in their bedrooms so they can show off their skills to their significant other. Head to a strip club that teaches pole dancing during off-hours and use your newly found actions to get your guy in the mood after his bachelor party. It will be a pole dance he won't forget and that he will want to see many times in the future!

Go To A Different Club To Unwind

Find out exactly where your guy's party is to be held and go to another establishment to view strippers yourself! If you decide to head out on the town with friends, you'll enjoy package deals and tons of laughs as you take in the sights and sounds of the stage. Be sure to watch the performances closely, so you can learn some moves you can try on your own when you get your guy back into a private setting. He'll be more than thrilled to watch you take it all off after the bachelor party comes to an end, especially knowing that there are no restrictions in place as there are in many strip establishments.

Try Some Good Old-Fashioned Shopping

When the guys are away, the girls will play...with cash and credit cards, that is. Take it upon yourself to indulge in some treasures you want in your possession and hit the shops of Las Vegas to seek them. Some strip club establishments sell sexy clothing, sex toys, perfumes, and other necessary items for the bedroom. Check out shops to find the perfect ensemble to wear for your partner when he returns from his bachelor party. He will forget all about the strippers he saw on stage when he gets an eyeful of your own body in a sexy piece you picked out just for his viewing pleasure. Encourage him by performing your own strip tease with this outfit. Make sure to take it off as slowly as possible and use dramatic movements when doing so. Turn on some music beforehand, and you'll be able to surprise your partner with the striptease of all stripteases!

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