May 27, 2021

Stripping Pays More Than Unemployment

Are you currently on unemployment due to the pandemic and the inability to continue your normal job? If you have lost your job or are in limbo awaiting the ceasing of benefits before you head back to the grind, you may want to reconsider your stance and think about getting back into the workforce doing a job that you'll absolutely love! I'm Candy and I have been in your shoes in the past. I know what it is like to collect benefits, but feel as if you are missing out on the real world, socialization, and the ability to make connections with others. If this sounds like you, you might want to think about getting into the stripping industry.

Right now, there are many strip clubs in dire need of dancers to keep their clients entertained. If you enjoy moving to the beat of great music and have a body you'd like to show off a bit, then stripping is definitely an activity to keep in mind. There are several benefits to be obtained, primarily a large take-home pay that by far surpasses what you are getting from the government.

If you live in the area or are going to be heading into Vegas to seek employment, you are likely to have seen or will see billboards along our major highways and local areas indicating the need for dancers for our clubs. These billboards are doing the trick and some people are finally realizing that you can make a bundle more than employment benefits doing a job you truly enjoy. If you want to get in on the action, now is the time! Before long unemployment benefits will cease, and you'll be battling many other dancers to get the prime spots for yourself. Forego that competition, get out there now, and become one of the strippers in Las Vegas who make tons of money doing what they love.

Back to the billboards for a second....these signs are paid for by the strip clubs themselves to entice potential dancers to apply for a position dancing for entertainment reasons. They've been around for a few months as the city is opening back up to those who want fun while visiting and living in the area. The well-known club "Little Darlings" uses a tongue-in-cheek approach to try to gain employees by blurting out that stripping pays more than unemployment, (which is totally true by the way). This business has used marketing tactics like this in the past, placing billboards on streets trying to recruit recent high school grads with the promise that their pay will aid in paying for college courses. When it comes to it, stripping is an industry that brings in large amounts of cash if you know how to utilize your personality, beauty, and dancing skills properly.

Here are some of the Las Vegas strip clubs in need of dancers because of the prior restrictions the city had in place during the height of the pandemic:

Spearmint Rhino Las Vegas

- This is on of the premiere Las Vegas strip clubs in the area, and they are currently hiring strippers for all shifts. They are also auditioning 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and ask that you show up for your chance to strut your stuff on stage during your preferred working shift. Bring along a two-piece bathing suit or lingerie and a pair of high-heel shoes. You will need a form of identification proving you are over 21 years of age. You do not need a Sheriff's card until after you audition and are told you are hired.

Larry Flint's Hustler Club

- To be considered as an entertainer for the largest strip club Vegas has to offer, head to to fill out the provided online form. Be sure to take advantage of the photograph and video upload feature so that you stand out from other potential employees looking for a stripping job at an exciting and fun location.

Sophias Gentlemen's Club

- Sophias luxury entertainment facility is not only hiring strippers but a variety of other positions where you are able to show off your body and have fun in the process. Check out to get your name entered into the audition pool. The club will contact you regarding audition scheduling. You may find that you receive a call right away, and you can be working within hours of your audition time.

Crazy Horse III

- Known for their wild Las Vegas bachelor parties, The CH3 is one of the most sought after forms of entertainment in the area. They hold auditions around the clock, making it easy for you to pick the timeframe for your employment opportunity. To book your spot, fill out the required information at

These are just a few samples of the clubs out there looking for strippers to join their team. Many of the top-notch Las Vegas nude strip clubs have workers bringing home in excess of $1000 per night depending upon the amenities they provide to their clients and the time they dance on stage and in private. This far surpasses the amount of unemployment benefits you will receive per week. Imagine if you worked just two or three days a week? You would have enough for your bills and money to splurge!

Take it from me, as I have been in the stripping field for many years, if you are enthusiastic about dancing and having fun, and you want to make more money than you though possible, entertaining in Vegas is definitely the way to make your dreams come true. You may even meet your future spouse like I did!

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