January 17, 2022

What Is A Male Revue vs. A Male Strip Club?

If you are interested in entertainment where you get to view the male body, up close and personal, you have probably contemplated heading to a male review or male strip club to see men strutting their stuff in an entertaining atmosphere. As a previous stripper myself, I know these men work hard at showing their dance routines and splendorous physiques to all who want a viewing. Exactly what is the difference between a review and a striptease though? Read on to find out, so you know which one will tickle your fancy best.

What To Know When Planning To See A Male Strip Show -

There are different types of shows available to view men who unclothe themselves for the pleasure of others. The main events in the Las Vegas area include male review shows and male striptease shows.

A male review is a show where spectators are able to enjoy music, dancing, and stripping for a predetermined amount of time. You need to pre-purchase tickets and are given a starting time, so you can grab seats before the show begins. These shows usually last for an hour to an hour and a half, and when the show is done, it is time to leave the establishment. The shows are choreographed and involve many costume changes. Unfortunately, though, you do not have access to any of the men performing. Everything is conducted on stage.

A male striptease show is usually hosted at a strip club. Many clubs have men performing a few times a week, while other clubs showcase primarily men. A strip club lets spectators get involved in the show. Men will get off of the stage and come into the crowd. For a price, you can have a lapdance or one-on-one VIP striptease out of the view of others. There is no set end time, other than the club shutting down for the night. You can walk out of the club and come back in as you please. You will have hours of non-stop entertainment available when you opt for a strip club.

Choreography and Setting

Male review shows are completely choreographed, and many of them stick with themes throughout the performances given. For example, you may see a review where men are dressed up as service workers, dancing away as they pretend to fight fires and thwart crimes. The firefighter and police officers' clothing is removed during the performance, however, the men will never be completely nude. What a shame! Just kidding there. You will certainly see pretty much everything, even though there are strings of clothing still intact on the body. These shows are held in event arenas, bars, and high-class establishments.

Male stripteases are held at strip clubs. These involve dance routines, just as male reviews, however, they may be conducted by a single performer or a small group rather than several men on stage at one time. In addition to dance routines, strippers may dance in an unscripted performance, depending upon the demeanor of the crowd.

To Touch Or Not To Touch

When it comes to it, touching the performers is a no-no at a male revue. Dancers remain on stage, or maybe down along the perimeter of the viewing audience at some points, but they are not touchable. You'll get fine views, but you won't get to feel anyone. At a strip club, you have the advantage in touching the performers. This requires you to request a lap dance or private session with a stripper, which does indeed cost more than just watching the men on stage. The touchability factor is there though!

What Level Of Intensity Do You Want?

If you want the thrill of seeing male strippers but aren't into the wild side involved with a strip club, then a hands-off male review is where you need to be. You'll see all that you need to, but do not have that intimacy involved in the performance. If you do want a closer experience, then a strip club is more up your alley. You can pick out the stripper that you desire to explore, and request some alone time with them. Strippers may come your way without this request, also. So if you are embarrassed about being showcased with a stripper in public, stick with a male review. If you are not at all intimidated and want to see and touch, a strip club is best.

How Much Time Do You Have?

Strip clubs vary in the times they open and close. Most stay open for many hours, giving you the opportunity to experience stripping for as long as you desire. You can go to different shows, mingle with the crowd, and stay for the entire opening time if you desire. Male revues are limited. Their showings usually do not last more than two hours, so you need to be available for the entire performance to get your money's worth.

Revues And Clubs We Recommend

In Las Vegas, the most popular male reviews in the city are Chippendales and Thunder From Down Under. These performances move about throughout different venues in the city, giving you the option to see them over and over in different atmospheres. The main male strip clubs include Hustlers and Sapphire. There are usually men dancing throughout the entire club opening times, and you have the chance to walk away and view female strippers in between performances if you want a mix of striptease styles.

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