July 26, 2021

What Is A "Girl-on-Girl" Show?

Hello there! It's me, Candy, again, here to share some information about a special type of strip show you may have interest in. As one of the most sought out private strippers in Vegas, I have plenty of experience in knowing what my clients really liked to see and feel. Believe it or not, that would be a girl-on-girl session. You don't always get this type of show when you hire private strippers, so you have to be selective in the company you seek out to provide you with Las Vegas strippers to your room. Simply ask if they have girl-on-girl available, and if they do not, move on to another service. Here is what you will get with this exceptional show.

Two Is Always Better Than One

An extra piece of pie for dinner. A bonus kiss at the end of a date. A surprise twenty-dollar bill in your wallet. Everyone likes having more of something rather than less. This holds true with private strippers. Wouldn't you want to have the pleasure of viewing more than one sexy woman? Of course, you would! Wouldn't it be even more awesome to be able to converse, tease, and touch both of them? You betcha! A girl-on-girl show means more for you to experience. Seeing two private strippers in action doubles the pleasure you'll get in the end. That's something you definitely don't want to miss out on.

Select The Private Strippers You Desire

Before your private strippers show up at your hotel or home, you need to make the effort in picking out just the right girls for the job. Check out a stripping service's website to see if there are profile pictures and summaries available for each of the workers available for hire. If you aren't sure about which features you'd like your girls to have, mix and match between two different girls' profiles so that you get a bit of everything you are hoping to see. For example, pick out both a brunette and a blonde or select one girl with a voluptuous figure and one with a slender frame. This diversity makes it even more interesting when your strippers get to the show.

Decide On The When And Where

Inviting Las Vegas strippers to your room can happen after you go out if you wish. I remember when my husband Andre and I planned some sexy fun, and we hired two private strippers to meet us at one of the strip clubs I worked at during that time period. We enjoyed watching the girls on stage together and took notes about what we would like our private strippers to do for us when we got back to my husband's place. It was a night to remember. You can do the same if you want to get to know your strippers before they bare it all for you. Simply let the stripper service know you'd like to meet your strippers at a pre-determined location at a time convenient for you. After you all wine, dine, dance, and converse, head to a secluded location for your showing. Your private strippers are more than happy to accompany you to your home or hotel room, discretely, of course.

Let The Fun Keep You Entertained For Hours

A girl-on-girl show means you'll see both of your private strippers in action, removing all of their clothing, up close and personal. They will work in tandem to entice, tease, and thrill you with a sexy routine that shows everything and then some. You'll witness your strippers touching, stroking, kissing, and moving together in ways you didn't think possible. This is an erotic experience, and you are more than welcome to join in at any time. In fact, most strippers encourage their clients to do so. You'll see what it feels like to be the star of the show as both of the women you spend time with will make sure you are the center of their attention. You won't know who to give your attention to because they will both be vying for it. It's a tough situation, but I bet you have it in you to find out if you can give them equal time. Stripping isn't just about the clothing coming off. It includes lap dancing, sensual massage, and even some next-level sex toy introductions if you are game! Keep this in mind, as I'll get into that naughtiness at a later time!

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