July 18, 2022

Why would couples hire private strippers?

Have you ever hired a private stripper to come to your home or hotel room?  How about your partner? Have they? If you are in a relationship with someone, why would you want to do this? Are there benefits? Since I am a previous strip artist myself, I have some knowledge about why couples hire private stripper girls. The process is easy and so very enjoyable for both parties!

Privacy Is Totally Obtainable

When you go out to a strip club, there is always someone watching your moves. This is fine if you don't mind the public scene, but what if you really don't want people to know your business? What if your partner isn't too keen on being seen in a strip establishment? When you hire a private stripper, you have total discretion from the moment she shows up until she leaves. No one is the wiser as to what you have been doing behind your closed door.

No Need For Extras

Strip clubs are notorious for trying to wrangle every last available dollar out of your wallet. There are drinks to buy, lap dances to purchase, and bills to give to the girls providing you with the show. If you aren't into drinking, you may feel uncomfortable sipping a soft drink, especially if it causes the strippers to pass you by because they think you aren't going to fork out the bucks to see them dance. There are no games like this going on when a private stripper comes right to you. You do not need to feel obligated in any way to pay for anything more than what you agree upon at the time of your scheduled appointment. This leaves more cash for you and your partner to go out and have a romantic dinner or cocktail after your viewing pleasure draws to an end!

More Can Be Explored Together

It is a bit embarrassing for both parties to be aroused in public, especially if you are amongst people you know. With a private stripper, however, you can both let loose and totally enjoy the sensuality of a sexy strip tease and beautiful woman's curves right in front of your eyes. There's no embarrassment, and you can enjoy your stripper together, in private.

There are More Amenities To Enjoy

At a strip club, there are policies in place that do not allow for you to do everything you may wish to do with a stripper. You may not be allowed to touch your stripper unless you pay for private service in a back room for an allotted time period. Even then, there are strict rules in place regarding just how much you can touch her. Some strip clubs are not totally nude, as well. If you want to explore a strip teaser with your partner, doing so in private allows you to be massaged, get lap dances, and have a connection that you do not obtain in a business establishment environment.

Learn More About What Your Partner Enjoys

A private stripper experience with your partner lets you know exactly what he or she likes most when it comes to togetherness. Since you are there with them to witness their reactions first-hand, you can use this knowledge to your advantage later on when you are able to be with your partner one-on-one. This is a wonderful way to strengthen your relationship. Your private stripper is there to encourage you to become closer with your partner. She is there to provide you with recommendations on what makes your partner excited and what you can do to enhance the overall experience you spend together.

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