March 16, 2022

The Newest Club In Town

Just when you thought Las Vegas was at its peak with entertainment possibilities, a newcomer slides on in and mixes things up a bit. As a previous stripper myself, I am extremely pleased to find out the previous location for the Olympic Gardens is getting a newly revamped strip club with a whole new business in charge. I personally cannot wait for this place to open!

If you had frequented the Olympic Gardens in the past, you know the atmosphere was a bit dark and seedy. Nowadays, the vibe in the strip club business is trending more toward the classy, vibrant, and upbeat. That is exactly what the Peppermint Hippopotamus promises its clients. This club will be a stark change from what was in the building previously.

Right now, the Peppermint Hippopotamus higher-ups are in the process of hiring adult entertainers. Vegas strippers have the best job in the world, by far! If you want to show off your talent, live in the area, and are looking for employment, then this is a wonderful opportunity you don't want to miss. Not only are they hiring strippers, but they are also in need of bartenders, bouncers, servers, and managers. All you need to do is head over to the Peppermint Hippopotamus' website at and click on the career link on the far right at the top of the main page.

If you are new to the Las Vegas strip club scene and want to get a job in this entertainment field, you do need to go through a few steps to ensure you are allowed to work in the establishment legally. This requires a trip to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department to obtain a sheriff's card. This card is good for three years and costs a bit over $40 to acquire. Do not worry about this step until after you get hired, however, because the Peppermint Hippo would provide you with paperwork indicating they intend to have you work in their establishment. The card is not obtainable until you have this paperwork.

Peppermint Hippopotamus will be the only strip club located on the actual strip in Vegas. This is prime positioning for those who want to party, as you can walk out of the club and head to a restaurant, casino, or bar within minutes. There's no need for transportation if you are staying on the strip, allowing you to take in the sights without the need to book a limo or taxi. You'll be right in the hub of activity!

The owner of Peppermint Hippopotamus is no new kid on the block when it comes to strip club businesses. Alan Chang owns six strip club establishments across the United States. I actually went to the Peppermint Hippopotamus in Reno with my husband Andre when we decided to ditch Vegas for a weekend and get away where no one knew us by name. The club's atmosphere was full of life, wonder, and mystery. The light show and sound system were beyond amazing and the dancers were top-notch. Staff members were on point and so accommodating, it was hard to pull ourselves out of the place. If this new club is anything like the Reno version (and word on the street is it going to be even better), then we are in for a treat!

Keep your eyes on the website, apply if you are in need of employment, and let me know what you think about the prospect of a newcomer to the strip area!

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