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The Biggest Smile Around!

Hi. I’m Whitney and I’m one of the most popular Las Vegas strippers for a reason. I’m a sensual blonde with a body that’s tight and tan and I am more than ready to be the Vegas stripper of your dreams. I do my best to know what your dreams are made of and as your Las Vegas stripper, I will make many of those dreams come true.

I usually catch the attention of successful businessmen, but I don’t discriminate. I love men of all shapes and sizes and I love to make them smile. If you hire me as your stripper in Vegas, I will give you plenty of reasons to smile. I’m the type of Vegas stripper that likes to make my party guests feel like every single one of them is the guest of honor. Every guy has something great about him and that’s what I tend to look at. One of the best things about me that makes me a great Vegas stripper is that I’ve been known to give one of the best lap dances that Las Vegas strippers have to offer. It’s hard to stand out in a town with so many beautiful people, but I make sure I stand out as the elite of Las Vegas strippers.

My tits are big and round, my waste is small and my Vegas stripper dance moves display my perfectly round ass in so many sexy positions that your head will spin. Vegas strippers are known for their beauty and ability to get a party going, but this Vegas stripper goes the extra mile to make your Vegas stripper party one that you will talk about long after you leave. If I sound like the stripper of your dreams then all you have to do is call. I will be there to make your party the highlight of your trip to Vegas. Las Vegas strippers are some of the best strippers in the world. Give me a call and I’ll show you why I’m one of the most popular. 702-877-6969.

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