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About Treasures Strip Club

treasures las vegasIn the good old days Las Vegas was seen as a mecca of opulence. Beautiful people, artists, politicians, everyone in the world seemed to come to Las Vegas to see and be seen. There was a certain air of elegance that accompanied the strip. The glitz of the light was seen as beautiful, not trashy. People came here to have fun, but in a classy way. Nowadays it is seem as if it’s the mecca of debauchery and glorification. While the past may have had a similar connotation there was something so much more appealing about the way in which they did it. Looking to capture that old glory, Treasures Las Vegas strives to be the classiest, most world class strip club on the strip. The entire club was built around the idea that opulence and wealth don't have to cost an arm and a leg. Here at Treasures Las Vegas we know that you want an experience like no other, and we think we know how best to give it to you. With our one of a kind events, incredible service and VIP packages that will not break your bank, this is a club you can not only afford, you can't afford not to see it! If you miss the old days of Las Vegas glamour and want to recapture some of that beauty, come see us today and learn what real elegance is. We promise you won't regret making the decision to take a step back and enjoy real beauty.

Find your hidden Treasure

In its prime, Las Vegas was the place to see and be seen. There was no denying the caliber of cliental or casinos while you were on the Vegas strip. From the Rat Pack to beautiful actresses and everything in-between, the golden age of Las Vegas is said to be long gone. But that's just not so. The King may have crooned his last song but that doesn't mean that the town doesn't have a whole lot of class left to offer. It might seem like an incorrect statement given the overall cheapness that Vegas connotes today, but if you dig a little deeper you will find that there is still a lot of gold hiding under the surface in this desert oasis. If you really want to experience class while you are in Las Vegas, the first place you should stop is Treasures Las Vegas. Called "The Most Luxurious Gentlemen's Club in the World," Treasures Las Vegas strives to live up to its name. You don't get that kind of praise for no reason, but that doesn't mean we won't work exceptionally hard to keep it up. If you aren't sure that there is any glamour left in the Las Vegas strip, the Sin City, the dirty town that we know and love, visit us at Treasures and we'll be sure to clean up your thoughts on the matter. From our opulent aesthetics to our outstanding staff you will be blown away by everything that Treasures has to offer you. One visit to our little oasis and you will be coming back for more buried treasure each time you are in Las Vegas! Part night club, part steak bar, part strip club, all fun to be had here at Treasures Las Vegas!

World Class Service at Treasures Las Vegas

The easiest way to maintain such a prestigious title is to never falter in our service. That's why here at Treasures Las Vegas we only hire the most superb staff, from our wait staff to our bouncers and every pair of bouncing breasts we know as dancers in-between. The staff at Treasures Las Vegas are not amateurs. They are not part time service people. They are serious individuals dedicated to creating a one of a kind experience and providing world class service to every single person who walks through our doors. The second easiest way? Keeping a clean house. Literally. If you have a dark, dank club people are not going to want to go there. Treasures is bright, open and clean. When you pull up to the club you are immediately greeted by the ornate exterior of our building. Inspired by roman architecture the club is incredibly classy from the outside in. The classic palm trees that flank our entry will help remind you that you are still in the desert and not in the Italian countryside. Once you are inside of the doors you will be greeted by a long entry way, equally beautiful to the outside, and finally you will reach the main room where the real fun can begin. The decorations are opulent and warm while maintaining a level of comfort that will make it easy to hang out in the club for hours. There are incredible murals on the walls and the carpets are so plush you could walk around barefoot if you really wanted to, (although shoes are required to maintain entry.) We have incredibly cozy couches and chairs for your sitting pleasure. We have spared no expense to give this club the top amenities possible. We even feature a VIP transportation service from any hotel on the strip to our lovely little club that comes with VIP admission. We also host great bachelor parties with incredible packages that are affordable for all bachelors or best men. If you get any of our bottle packages you actually get full bottles of spirits to share amongst your friends, and if you go for our full out party package you get all of the above plus reserved tables and some one on one fun. Treasures Las Vegas also features a happy hour every day that is to die for. Come hang out in our dazzling happy hour lounge, the ultra-lounge. Whether you are there for the happy hour specials or for the world class entertainment, our expert staff will guide you through your journey here at Treasures Las Vegas and ensure that you have the best night of your life.

More than just a party

party-res-1If you really want to amplify your Treasures Las Vegas experience, why not have your bachelor party with us? Our club specializes in bachelor parties and VIP services. There is no reason that a bachelor party has to take place in some dank, divvy strip club. Come to Treasures Las Vegas and let us show you what elegance truly means. There is a reason this club has been featured on Cinemax, E! Entertainment Television and the Travel Channel; we throw one hell of a bachelor party! As we mentioned there are different packages that you can choose from, but none of them will yield any less amazing of a time than the other. It's all about price point. When you don't have much money, try the VIP Open Bar Package. It's only $100 a person and it gets you our VIP transportation services, VIP admission, (which means access to all VIP areas within the club,) a VIP table and 2 hours with an open bar which includes all of our premium drinks. Most other clubs don't offer packages for bachelors, let alone packages that give them an open bar tab with no restrictions! IF you have a little more money to work with and at least 4 people coming to your party you can opt for one of two Bottle Packages. The first gets you the same as the above minus the open bar, but with a bottle of spirits, (our house vodka to be precise.) The second package gets you the same, only you can choose your bottle from our selection of premium vodkas. It's only $270 or $380 for the entire package, so split between 4 people that's less than $100 bucks a person! If you are interested in dinner you can get the dinner package and dinner will be waiting for you when you get to the club, or you can really spend the big bucks and get the Platinum Plus VIP Fine Dining and Club package which gives you all of the above plus all kinds of dinner options and exclusive club access. That's right. If you can shell out $175 a person you can have this world class experience at Treasures Las Vegas. One of the world's best gentleman's clubs and it won't break your bank! What a deal! Once you have your package and your friends on board it's time to hop in the VIP treasures limo and head down to the club. Once there you will be treated to all of the perks that VIP customers see every single day, including private rooms, incredible drinks and lovely women to watch. These packages gain you access to all of the VIP lounges. These include the Venus lounge, an elevated area that allows you to feed off of the energy of the club, the Apollo Lounge, which gives a superior view of the club, and Champagne Room, an exclusive club within the already amazing and exclusive Treasures Las Vegas. If you gain access to the Champagne Room it means you are the top of the crop and have really made it, so buying one of our bachelor party packages is worth that cost alone, if only to allow your king for the night to truly feel like royalty.

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Visit Treasures Las Vegas for great Treasures Las Vegas events

What is the third easiest way to keep people coming back for more? Offer great events! Treasures Las Vegas loves to host crazy events and our clients love to keep coming back for more! Monday nights we have Football Parties. We do golf outings, crazy Halloween parties, and holiday mixers. We try and offer incredible events year round so that people will keep coming back from year to year, and come back they do. Our Halloween party is one of the biggest and baddest in all of Las Vegas, if not the entire West Coast! Our girls really know how to throw a party and you are going to love watching them work their stuff no matter what the occasion. Aside from our seasonal activities we also do tons of one night only festivities that you have to be in town to experience. If you want you can even host your own event with Treasures Las Vegas. Obviously we have our exceptional bachelor party packages, but on top of all of that you can host business meetings, friendly gatherings or high school reunions right here! Maybe not with your favorite crush from high school but your old boy pals will have a great time with you exploring the wonder that is Treasures Las Vegas. We have even hosted awards shows; we weren't kidding when we said our decorations were top notch and classy! No matter what kind of event package you get you are going to be treated like a VIP while hosting your event with us. You can treat your guest to items from our Steakhouse menu or Treasures bar or you can opt to get a buffet for your crew. You can have an open bar or a closed tab and you can get our premium cigar services. The possibilities are nearly endless when you choose to host your next party with Treasures Las Vegas. All of your friends and guests will be forever in debt to your fortuitous party planning skills and we will be forever grateful for our new found clients! Everyone wins and best of all you're going to be the most popular guy in the office/bar/entire world once you get done hosting your party here at Treasures Las Vegas!

Come to Treasures today!

Las Vegas hasn't lost its charm or its glamour, it's just changed hands. You can't live in the past forever and Treasures Las Vegas knows that. We hold on to the relics that we love and move forward with even more world class service and party innovation than we really know what to do with. While we love maintaining the old Las Vegas glamour, we know that the future is coming fast and we have to keep up. From automated machines to incredible new lingerie for our dancers we have all kinds of modern inventions within our club, we just also have a lot of class. There's nothing wrong with that, is there? After all, here at Treasures Las Vegas we aim to ensure each guest has a unique and exciting night, while experiencing our world class service and outstanding atmosphere, and what better way than to mix the old with the new and create something better? We strive to create a one of a kind, Las Vegas glamour experience, but in the modern way, and we like to think we achieve that. If you think we don't, let us know! We love to get feedback and improve upon our club. We may be the best club in the world but we won't stay that way if we don't listen to our critics and we would love it if you would help us improve our lovely club! Whether you visit us to surprise one of your best friends with the most extravagant bachelor party he will ever have or you come in to see the sights, you will enjoy your time spent here. We have incredible food, incredible women, and an atmosphere that no one else could recreate even if they tried. One visit to our special little club and you will realize that you have been partying wrong this whole time and change your tune to match ours. Visit Treasures Las Vegas today and learn what true opulence is.