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A Classy Gentlemans Club

The guys and I were all burnt out from the back to back conventions, vendor shows, and dealing with the remodel expansion at the company. It had been like six weeks of hell, juggling the projects, never knowing exactly where anything was, everything was taking twice as long to get finished and well all needed to blow off some steam and party. We stopped for a drink after work one night and started talking about some ideas. We agreed it should be a long weekend. We decided on this famous Sapphire Strip Club. They place was huge, topless and all night long they had Sapphire strippers and adult entertainment. The Las Vegas Sapphire was voted Best Gentlemen's Club in Las Vegas three years in a row, so this looked to us like the winning ticket for our long weekend.

We decided to schedule a long weekend and hired some Las Vegas Escorts to come with us to the Sapphire Strip Club, that way we could all go back to the hotel for our own party later on. It was another two nights of looking up the girls we wanted to reserve for that weekend because the guys all had different preferences and the more we looked, the more we liked. We found out there was a lot going on at the Sapphire Gentlemen's Strip Club on the long weekend we chose. There were several big games scheduled to be shown on the giant sports screens at the Sapphire strip club and during the day the outdoor pool would be packed full of college guys on break too.

Sapphire Las VegasHow Much Competition is too Much?

I started wondering if the Sapphire strip club was going to be too packed, noisy, and wild to be fun. We are paying for some absolutely stunning girls and they are known in Las Vegas to be the top VIP strippers around. The guys were just focused on how much fun it would be to take the best girls with us to show them off at Sapphire Las Vegas. To them it was going to be a hoot, everyone lit, everyone dancing on a crowded dance floor. They kept going on about how the adult entertainment at the Sapphire strip club would beat any show in Las Vegas.

Well as the weekend drew near, we confirmed our reservation for our five stunning Las Vegas escorts, and starting packing. We were flying out to Las Vegas, so we would rent a limo from the Sapphire strip club to get us all there together for the stripper party. The whole time on the plane I could hear the guys Sapphire this and Sapphire strippers that. My mind was unsettled, I was thinking crowds, loud college guys, that crazy "Spring Break fever" that can get out of hand in a few minutes.

We took a shuttle from the airport to our hotel, when we got there we mapquested the location of the Sapphire strip club. It was pretty far away from the hotel, it was a good thing we were getting a limo so no one would have to drive after drinking at the Sapphire Las Vegas Club. It's getting late, I thought we had better call and reserve a limo. The phone number for the Sapphire Las Vegas Gentlemen's Club was plastered all over the place, it looked like this weekend was a really big event.

Let's Talk About This?

After talking for a few minutes with the Sapphire Las Vegas staff, and customer service we found out that all the Limousines were already taken for the entire weekend. Now we had to talk about who wanted to be the designated driver so we could rent a van or something. This idea wasn't going well, anytime someone suggested a guy to be the straight man at the Sapphire Strip Club he'd start raving that it wasn't his turn. Suddenly I looked at the clock realizing that we had some strippers of our own about to arrive at the hotel very soon. Time was passing us by.

With strong doubts about what we were going to do to recover the weekend adult entertainment we had planned at the Sapphire Strip Club, I suggested we all get showers and dressed for our Las Vegas Escort dates. Amazingly the guys started focusing on the girls who were about to arrive and quickly started getting ready. We each grabbed a beer as we waiting, staring at the clock as if it we could make it move time faster with our stares. Suddenly there was a knock and some giggling at the hotel room door.

Awesome limos just for you

What Was That About The Sapphire Las Vegas Club?

The door opened, we lined up to get first looks, and everyone, all the guys, and even I just went totally numb. Five goddesses walked into our hotel room. Our Hotel Room...

We were as stunned by their beauty as they were stunningly beautiful in real life, standing in our hotel room. Everyone rushed to get them a drink and offer them a seat. I finally found my voice and began to talk with the women about not being able to get a limo for the weekend, and about the crowded Sapphire Strip Club, and about the pool packed with college guys...the girls looked at each other and laughed. How about if we have our own private Sapphire Gentlemen's Club entertainment right here in the hotel? We could swim at the pool, we all brought our bikinis, we can order take out, we can even get an alcohol delivery - do you have your ID so you can pay the delivery guy?

My friends melted like puppies when they realized what these sophisticated Las Vegas Escorts were proposing. It was the most exciting idea we ever heard. I saw motivation happening all around the room, pay-per-view sports, girls changing into their bikinis, delivery guy with the nice selection of alcoholic beverages, a strip club theme being designed in the living room. The smell of delicious Bar-Be-Q. Was that tanning oil I smelled in the bedroom?

Las Vegas Escorts the Best Strippers in Town

The girls started their stripper routines and we quickly forgot about the game, we realized no one was going to have to drive tonight, no designated driver, we passed around the drinks. The girls taught us a new drinking game, then they light candles, slathered each other with massage oil and the music fully changed the mood. This was going to be some much better than hat we had planned. We all agreed it would be best to let our escorts take over. Words cannot express the long weekend, that really went by too fast, but what a time we all had.

All I can say is make that call, you know to the Las Vegas Escorts Service, get yourself some VIP stripper girls direct to your hotel rooms. You'll have a time like no other!

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