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Experience everything you’d expect in a gentlemen’s club! Located close to Posh Boutique Nightclub in Playground complex west of Mandalay Bay at the Strip’s south end, Crazy Horse III features some of the most talented and beautiful entertainers in the Sin City!

A 50-foot bar features plasma video screens and premium spirits, serving as the perfect place for those who are interested in sports games. The main area of the 15,000 sq ft club boasts a slightly elevated VIP seating area equipped with comfortable couch seating that offers unobstructed views of the main stage. Private shows are available in cabanas with a minimum purchase requirement of one drink and an extra fee for the dance. The club has a VIP lounge that offers private suites, luxurious couch seating, separate entrance and its own bar where you can get a more discreet experience.

We also offer a Romantic Night Out Package that’s perfect for couples. Enjoy your anniversary celebration or any event with premium seating, complimentary admission, champagne and free transportation. Industry Night is celebrated every Wednesday. During which, you can enjoy extra drinks from 9 pm to 3 am. Crazy Horse III also caters ladies who want to celebrate the night with their girl friends. Ladies Night happens on Thursday night and an open limited bar is offered for all ladies from 10 pm. Holiday parties, celebrity birthday celebrations and visits from adult film stars are some of the special events you can enjoy!

We also offer bachelor party packages that include 1 or 2 bottles of liquor, a DJ shout out, the bachelor’s name shown on the video screens and a separate showroom area equipped with its own stage and bar. Transportation is never a problem as the entire group will be picked up by a party bus and driven directly to the club.

Crazy Horse III also offers free limousine pickup from most locations. There’s no cover fee and you enjoy quick admission, further boosting your fun in one of the best strip clubs in LV!

Find the Right Mix of Dancers!

It’s not easy to find a club offering the right blend of dancers. When you do find one with the right mix of dancers, from sexy vixens to the girl-next-door kind, you’d surely want to return everytime you’re looking for some fun. Regardless of your taste, Crazy Horse III has everything you need! We find a way to bring together what many people want in exotic dancers and provide them in a high end club that meets your needs.

Whether you’re in the club for a bachelor party or a business meeting, Crazy Horse III has lots of VIP space and dancing areas to let you enjoy the night. There are plenty of seating areas that offer unobstructed views of the stage. Stripper poles and sofas are available, so you can always grab the ladies’ dance offer. Fixtures that look like lampshades are scattered about the club, giving the area a nice red glow.

If you want to throw money at a girl you find nice, it is not a problem. The ladies here are a nice blend of everything you are looking for. If you’re into the mature type, then you can have it! If sweet and youthful is what you want, it’s not a big problem as you can also find it here.

You can sit close to the stage to look for your favorite girl. If the club is not very busy, you can find up to three ladies dancing their heart out on stage. These ladies are happy to talk to you before asking you if you’d like a dance. Crazy Horse III’s charming ladies will make you feel like you’re the most gorgeous person in the world!

Enjoy Great Amenities!

Crazy Horse III made sure that only the best is provided to our clients. From comfortable lap-dance seats to a good sound system, excellent lighting and huge space, we made sure that the design of the club meets your specific needs. The lap-dance seats are placed in the main room’s darker areas, away from the center stage, to give you a more discreet and fun experience.

If it’s your first time visiting the Sin City, our VIP package might just be what you need. With the package, you get entrance to the club and a drink card worth $40 in drinks. The package costs $55, but if you’re a local, the entry fee is only $30 and you can get $40 in drinks for just $25 more. If you’re coming with a group, you can avail the other packages we offer.

Competitive Prices for Quality Services!

Crazy Horse III’s aggressive and generous price discounts for locals and tourists alike won us a considerable following. The regular price of drinks is $10, but it’s offered to locals for just half the price. We also serve sushi every night from 10 pm to 6 or 7 in the morning. So, if you’re looking for late night snack or you just like sushi, all you have to do is to visit us. You only need to ask for the sushi menu. All-time sushi favorites are served like yellow tail, tuna, eel, shrimp and salmon and some of the most famous rolls, including spicy tuna roll, spider roll and California roll. If you love spicy food, then go for the Crazy Horse Roll. It’s made with spicy salmon, which is just perfect for your taste buds.

Private cabanas are scattered throughout the main floor, so if you’re interested in private shows, the club can provide the area of seclusion you need to fulfill your fantasies. The minimum requirement of one drink makes our cabanas affordable and accessible to anyone. Lap dances are also offered at a competitive price. A certain minimum bar tab and a couple of extra hundred can have you enjoying a separate suite for the night.

Frequent adult film star appearances, UFC fights on the big screen and Monday Night Football parties are also offered for your enjoyment. If you want to have some fun with a lady, Crazy Horse III surely won’t disappoint you!

Awesome limos just for you

Come to Crazy Horse III and Experience What True Fun Is!

There’s no doubt that the Sin City is the epitome of human sexual nature. Strip clubs like Crazy Horse III make up the immensity of the city’s sexual undertones. Located on the Strip’s far end, down behind the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino, the club is already considered a legend by tourists and locals alike.

Situated in a back-roads region known as the Playground that consists of other strip clubs that don’t match up to the standards of Crazy Horse, Crazy Horse III will introduce to you what fun really is. With a diverse mix of ladies, the stage at the club is always packed with lovely girls that appeal to a certain crowd. Whether you are looking for someone a little surgically enhanced or a tattooed beauty, you can find it here.

A slightly elevated VIP seating area is outfitted with tables and comfortable seats and offers the perfect view of the main attractions in the club. If you just want to relax all by yourself, you can also have it here. Crazy Horse III’s well-known 50-foot bar will give you the perfect place to just enjoy various sports games. With black walls adorned with plasma television screens and a spacious area to let you relax, you can get another form of entertainment in the club you’ll enjoy. There are three other bars spread throughout the club so that you don’t have to travel just to quench your thirst.

Crazy Horse III has two special nights – Ladies Night and Industry Night. During the Industry Night, hardworking individuals of the city can relax and have all the fun they want. When the Ladies Night comes, ladies are given access to an open limited bar.
The private cabanas are the perfect place for private shows. Since there’s only a one drink minimum requirement, you don’t have to spend a lot. You can always book a cabana and enjoy the privacy it offers. Lap dances are also offered at a small fee and if you want to enjoy the night with your friends, all you have to do is to add a few hundred and pick a certain minimum tab bar.

Strip clubs are not required to follow strict codes about the kind of girls that are allowed to perform, so it’s possible to find the most exotic dancer you are looking for. Crazy Horse III guarantees that you will not be disappointed and you’ll be able to find the perfect girl for your taste. Whether you’re into a tattooed vixen or a charming lady, you can always get that here.

Las Vegas is home to many exciting attractions, but there’s no better way of enjoying the sexual overtones of the place than visiting a strip club and taking up the dance offer of a beautiful lady. Trust Crazy Horse III to provide that to you!