FAQs & Vegas Bachelor Party Ideas

Bachelor Party StrippersWhat Types of Las Vegas Bachelor Party Strippers Do You Have?

We offer a wide variety of Sin City strippers to suit everyone’s desires. You can browse the best Las Vegas strippers, all conveniently located on our website, and select your dream woman no matter what she looks like. We’ve got Las Vegas Asian strippers, Caucasian strippers, African-American strippers, Latina strippers and more. Plus, you can choose from straight and bisexual girls, too. Whatever your preference, we want to make sure that you find a stripper in Las Vegas that satisfies your every need and desire!

How Many Girls Can I Hire for My Las Vegas Bachelor Party?

So you’re having a bachelor party in Las Vegas and you’d like some strippers for entertainment? Great! You’ve come to the right place, of course, and we’ll make sure that you can hire as many strippers in Las Vegas as you would like! Las Vegas bachelor parties shouldn’t be boring or bland events, and we don’t want you or your friends to be left wanting. If you plan ahead, you could order three, five or even ten girls for your party!

The key to finding the best bachelor party strippers Las Vegas can offer is to plan ahead, though. We really must stress the importance of scheduling. If you would like to reserve the time of our beautiful ladies, we need to know in advance so that they’re able to clear their schedules and spend time with you. The more girls you would like to order, the more notice we’ll need.

Can You Help Me with Las Vegas Bachelor Party Ideas?

Of course we can! Here, let’s get started now… Try some butt naked strippers, your best friends, a nice hotel suite and some tasty finger food! See, we’re getting your plans together already!

In all seriousness, though, of course we can help you come up with Vegas bachelor party ideas! We’ve seen all types of parties, and we know which ones make people the happiest. Our Vegas bachelor party strippers love reporting back about the highlights of the parties they attended. Though they never share private details, we have a bank of ideas gather from some of the biggest and best bachelor parties Vegas has ever seen.

The one thing that we can promise that you’ll want is the most beautiful private dancer Las Vegas can offer for the bachelor. Beauty is, of course, subjective, but that’s why we have so many girls to choose from! Also, we can tell you that you’ll want to plan ahead so that you can schedule time with as many girls as you would like! If you need more ideas, drop us a line and we’ll be glad to help.

Vegas EscortsHow Long to Get a Vegas Private Stripper to My Hotel Room?

So, you have a hotel room, and it’s awesome, but it’s missing a few strippers butt naked, running around and being sexy? We’ve got you covered! Though advance scheduling is preferred to make sure you get the girl that you want, we’re more than happy to cater to last-minute scheduling. We know how it is. You’re thinking about ordering pizza or hitting the casinos, then you realize that what you’re really craving is a few Las Vegas strippers to your room. Once you’ve placed your order, we’ll get your girls to you in the same time it takes to order a pizza. (You can do both and share pizza with a sexy lady!)

Please keep in mind that Las Vegas is home to many large events and trade shows, so even when you select the best private stripper Las Vegas has ever seen, her arrival time might vary slightly. Our ladies are more than worth the wait, though, and you won’t be disappointed!

Do I Have to Tip My Las Vegas Strippers?

The fee you pay when you order a Vegas stripper is all that you are obligated to spend. The price charged by our company pays our Las Vegas strip escorts so that they can continue pleasing you. We practice honesty with our prices, unlike most other escort websites, and you never have to guess at the fees.

We should note, though, that when you hire a Las Vegas exotic dancer, she is performing a service for you. If you tip the girl who cuts your hair, and you tip the girl who brings you drinks, you also should tip your stripper. Tipping is polite in America and, though it isn’t an obligation, it can make the night of a beautiful lady who spent her time pleasing you.

Are the Pictures of Your Vegas Strippers Actually the Girls I’ll Get?

If you’ve booked OTHER strippers Las Vegas offers, you’ve probably had some bad experiences. Or maybe you’ve heard about bad experiences from friends. Rest assured, though, that when you book nude entertainment through our website, what you see is what you get!

We have some of the hottest party strippers Las Vegas has seen and there’s no reason to falsely advertise. Our girls are sexy, confident, experienced and waiting for you. If you see a hot blonde with a tight rear end on our website, you’ll get a hot, tight blonde at your door.

Girls In VegasCan I Have a Girlfriend Experience with My Vegas Private Stripper?

So, you’ve heard about the GFE, have you? Welcome to the club! Of course our girls offer the girlfriend experience! Having a GFE with a stripper in Vegas can make your stay five-hundred percent better. It’s scientifically proven.

When you call to book time with your girl, just let us know that you’re looking for a GFE. Also, maybe tell us where you’re planning to take her so that she can dress to suit the occasion. Once your lady knows where you’re taking her, she’ll give you the best experience of your life. In fact, you might not ever want a real girlfriend again!

Our studies have shown that anyone who has a GFE with our ladies leaves Vegas happy and satisfied, every time! ;) What are you waiting for? Ask your professional lady out on your date now. Prepare to be wowed with the most gracious date you’ve ever spent money on. Plus, you’ll probably save some cash compared to dating an unprofessional woman.

How Much Will My Vegas Bachelor Party Cost?

The price of your bachelor party depends on how many Las Vegas nude strippers you’d like to order. If you want an entire naked stripper party, it’ll cost a bit more than if you just want one or two Las Vegas stripper escorts. That’s just how it goes! Your bachelor party will cost what you want it to cost.

We do offer Vegas bachelor party packages for the group that wants the best bang for their bucks. With our Las Vegas bachelor party packages, you’ll get more girls and more fun for less money. Saving money and being entertained by beautiful women is always the way to go, don’t you agree?

We’re accustomed to helping make Vegas bachelor parties the best that they can be, and we know that no one wants to go home totally broke. We charge enough for our girls to make it worth their time, but not so much that you can’t afford their time. When you order more girls, we make sure that it’s even more affordable.

Las Vegas StrippersDo You Have Men or Shemales as Well as Las Vegas Female Strippers?

Though we strive to offer strippers in Vegas to suit everyone’s tastes, our business hasn’t expanded to men or shemales yet. We offer sexy, naked strippers girls who cater to men, women and couples, but that’s the extend of our services right now. If you’d like to order a Las Vegas private stripper that’s a shemale or a man, though, we can point you in the right direction.

Another thing that we can do is send you one of our ladies along with a recommendation for a company that has hot men and shemales. Then, you can order from us and them! Two strippers are always better than one. Many of our girls are bisexual, too, so you can find a girl who’ll have even more fun because you booked another escort!

Can I Trust My Las Vegas Private Dancer?

We know that it’s a scary thing to order a private dancer with some of the stories that go around. Sadly, other companies often have untrustworthy girls that start those stories. With us, though, we can assure you that all of our girls are trustworthy.

We hire the best strippers Vegas can offer both in looks and in brains. We wouldn’t send you a girl that we wouldn’t have fun with ourselves! Plus, if any of our girls ever receive reports of untrustworthy activity, we fire them on the spot. We will not tolerate even the sexiest stripper Vegas has seen if she steals from her clients. Thankfully, though, we’ve rarely seen issue with untrustworthy girls in our business.

If you’re worried, place highly-valuable things in a safe place. This is good practice in Vegas anyway because, though we can tell you our girls are trustworthy, you never know about a girl you bring back from a casino!

What If I Don’t Like My Las Vegas Stripper?

Asian Strippers VegasWhenever you order a girl from us, we like to think that we’re sending you the hottest stripper Las Vegas can offer you at that moment. If you’re not satisfied for some reason, though, you can call us and we’ll fix the problem. We understand that some escorts strippers aren’t for some people. You can probably tell who you’ll like by the pictures and profiles, but if you can’t, we’ll make it right.

If you’re unhappy with one girl, we’ll send you the sexiest, tightest exotic dancer Las Vegas can offer instead. We never leave a customer unhappy! Spend some time browsing our website and pick out some back-up girls if you know that you can be choosier than the average person.

One of the best ways to choosey customers to get what they want is to order a bunch of girls at once! For example, if you know it’s hard for you to have chemistry with a woman, order five women instead! By ordering the five sexiest women on our website, you basically ensure that you’ll hit it off. The other girls can dance for your favorite girl to make her happy, or they can dance around you while you get close to your special lady.

How Much Time Can I Spend with My Stripper in Vegas?

You can spend as much time with your girl as you would like! Just tell us how long you want to book your girl for when you make your appointment and we’ll make sure that her schedule is clear. We know that it can take some time to get to know a Las Vegas stripper, and we want to make sure that you have that time!

You could have an entire night with your girl if that’s what you request when you book. There’s nothing sexier than knowing that you have the most gorgeous strippers in Vegas with you for as long as you want them. You can even take the girls out on the town so that everyone knows you’re with the most beautiful women in Vegas! It’s a quick way to make a name for yourself, that’s for sure.

Just remember that our girls are people, too! If you keep a girl for most of the night, she’s probably going to want some dinner and dessert to fill up with.

Will The Girls at My Vegas Bachelor Party Be Clean?

The girls at our company are the best strippers Las Vegas can offer and they stay clean for their clients. No one wants to spend a night with a girl and feel gross after, and we keep that in mind when we hire our ladies! We do regular checks to make sure they’re staying clean for you, too.

If you’re a bit of a germaphobe, though, why not ask your lovely lady to take a shower or a bath? You can watch her scrub and rub herself clean with your own eyes and feel secure that you’re protected. Some of the girls might even be willing to take a shower or bath with you! Also, if you have a really dirty night, they’ll probably appreciate a bath before they leave, too. Getting clean can be sexy!