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Vera Has Won A Real Pole Dancing Competition

vera1Hello there, ladies and gentlemen! My name is Vera and I'm pleased you decided to read more about my history and what I'm capable of providing if you book a date with me! I'm totally into stripteasing and want to show you my moves and body up close where you can appreciate it fully. Does this sound like fun? I have plenty of experience and I even won a pole-dancing competition in the past! Here is more about me to help you decide if I am the right woman for your needs.

I Was A Professional Dancer

Not all escorts can claim to be strippers, and those that are, can't all claim to be professionals at their trade. I, however, am able to boast about both. I am a stripper, and I was professionally trained to be one. I have worked in strip clubs around the country, from Miami to New York, and now, Vegas. I have a few stage names and if you are a frequent strip club visitor, you may have heard about me. Yes, I am that good! I love what I do and find it intriguing to see what makes people excited when it comes to gyrating around on stage. I have won awards for my performances, including a pole-dancing competition at a prestigious strip establishment.

I Know How To Have Fun

The bottom line when you have a date with me, is you will have the time of your life. I love to party and know exactly what is needed to have more fun than you can imagine. This includes taking the time to go out with me, so we can be seen in public together. You'll revel in the stares we get from others because of our aura and attractiveness. People are drawn to couples who know how to have a good time. The atmosphere will instantly boost wherever we go, just because of the connection we have. Want to go to a nightclub or two with me? Having your own stripper has its advantages on the dance floor! If you want to hit the casino scene, I'll be there to give you luck and make you feel important as you play your games. If you'd rather have an intimate dinner or a session at a bar for cocktails, that is equally exciting. You'll get to know me better and that is so important for later on.

Time Alone Is Where We'll Shine Together

The best time of our date is when we get back to your place. I'll give you your own private strip performance. This is one you won't see in a club, that is for sure! Imagine having my body within reach and right in front of your eyes. You'll see every movement up close and I think you'll appreciate the presence of my body so close to you. I may encourage you to join in and dance with me. That is so sexy! We can then take our date to your bed for a soothing massage. This is a great way to unwind. Where the date goes from there is totally up to us to find out together!