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The Ultimate Bachelor Party With Las Vegas Escorts

The Best Bachelor Parties

Deseree 5So one of your best buddies is getting married and you need to organize a once-in-a-lifetime bachelor party for him. One of the best locations for such an event should be Las Vegas for several reasons.

Where else can you hold such an event with the best nite clubs, the best hotels, restaurants, fun places all in one city? And of course, the girls! You can simply pick up your phone and book for the best party girls to grace your bachelor party.

In Las Vegas, getting girls for parties is as easy as walking to a burger joint to get your favorite hot dog. And the best places to get these beauties for your party? Look no further than the best escort agencies in Las Vegas.

Reasons to book escorts for your bachelor party in Las Vegas

Okay, you might be wondering, why not use your girlfriends and their friends for the party. After all, with them, you don't have to pay money to anybody to book for girls.

Let's get something out of the way. You want to have the best, unforgettable party for your friend. The experience should be out of this world and without inhibitions. And you don't want any of the girls to spoil your fun night for one reason or the other.

As far as your bachelor party goes, female escorts are the way to go. They have all you need in a situation like this. They are beautiful, really fun to be with. And because you paid good money to be entertained, your escorts won't balk at giving you, your friends and the groom everything you expect and much more.

So why bring in ladies that might be too straight-laced for what you and your friends have in mind? Besides, you don't want some of the stories of the stuff that happened in Vegas to get to the wrong ears back home, do you? So it is wise to use those fine Las Vegas escorts and be free to be boys for one fun-filled ecstatic night.

Now you've been sold on using Las Vegas as the venue of your bachelor party, how do you go about organizing the party?

How about getting it together like a well-planned military operation? Any military strategist knows that the best campaigns are won with the right plan amply supported by adequate logistics. And you need to have a clear objective to justify all the hard work.

For a well-oiled military operation, the objective is a victory with little casualties as possible. In your case, the objective is tons of fun while making sure everybody gets back home in one piece.

Here are the steps to organize the various nuts and bolts of the ultimate bachelor party in Las Vegas like an accomplished military general.

1. Move your HQ to Vegas

If you are good at getting things done, you'd know being close to the action is the best way to organize anything.

For your bachelor party, that means moving your operations to Las Vegas a few days or at most a week before the party. So, you best look up hotels in the area and book a reservation.

Since it is Vegas, you would definitely get a hotel that fits nicely into your budget. It would be a lot more fun if you are not on a tight budget though. With enough money, you can get the best of anything in Las Vegas.

2. Make a guest list and book their hotel reservations

For a bachelor party, making a guest list shouldn't be that hard. Your close circle of mutual friends with the groom would do nicely. It is important that all those on the guest list should be able and willing to attend the party.

You should of course screen out friends you think would be party poopers. You don't want some dude messing the atmosphere with their bad attitude. So, it would be a great idea to call each friend on the list to make sure they would be able to make it and to find out if they have no reservations about the kind of party you have in mind.

After getting your guest list, you can proceed to book their reservations for them. Naturally, each of them should be able to come up with the money to pay for their rooms. Check to find out if they can afford it. You can even pair some guests to minimize the expenses on them.

However, when pairing guests, avoid the awkward situation of putting two strangers in the same room; or friends who are not comfortable with each other in the same room.

3. Book the party venue

You would be spoilt for choice when booking a venue for your party. Las Vegas is a party town. There are so many venues from hotels, conference halls, clubs, and specialized centers to pick from. So the array of choices might be a bit of a problem though.

You can start by researching online for proper venues. Eliminate the venues that are too expensive for your budget and those that seem too cheap to be true. To be sure, you visit these places for a look before finally booking.

Talk to the managers to find out about their rates, opening hours and any special services on offer to make your party something extra special.

Your final choice would also take into consideration the distance from your hotel to the venue and how easy it is to move the guests back to their rooms after the party.

4. Map out your schedule for the party

How your party turns out might depend largely on how detailed the schedule is. The planning of the schedule must include everything from the arrival of guests to their departure.

It is all about timing. So you must have a clear schedule for stuff like when to go out for drinks, when and where to have dinner, transportation to various locations like clubs and casinos.

Anything that can go wrong would go wrong if you don't have you schedule bolted down tightly.

Here is a tip: you can use a professional escort to help you with the schedule. Escorts know everything about parties in Las Vegas. The things they don't know would fit on a pinhead.

And by using an escort to help you with some aspects of the planning, you get to see how wonderful and knowledgeable these ladies are before you hire/book the rest of them from the escort agency. At least, if she is below par, you can ditch her agency for another one before the main event. Remember, you would pay for her time and services if you take this wise option.

5. Book the escorts

These lovely ladies would be the soul of the party. If you get this part right, small glitches that might occur would be forgotten or forgiven by the guests.

You can start your search for a good escort agency online. Then search for reviews of each agency given by clients. That should be a good way to eliminate the charlatans.

Most escort agencies have profiles of the girls they have and how to contact them. Use the phone number to call and ask about their services and prices.

Make sure you are allowed to speak to some of the girls you want to invite. That should give you an idea about their suitability for the party.

As you can see, planning a bachelor party in Vegas entails more than just inviting a bunch of friends and taking them to a club. But, following these tips would get you the best party you ever had.

6. Have fun.