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Nessa Plays Strip Poker

nessa03Have you ever had the advantage of watching a pretty girl take off all of her clothes right in front of your eyes? Well, a client of mine was lucky enough to have me do just this a few nights ago. We decided that playing strip poker would be a fun activity, and boy were we right! Here's what happened.

We Went Out First

Before we got to slinging down cards and peeling off clothing, we decided to go out and see what was going on at the casinos in the area first. In fact, we went out without realizing we would play strip poker at all. Seeing the action in the casinos gave us the idea to try some card-playing on our own later on. The casinos were happening, beautiful people were all around us, and the aura set us in the mood for intimacy later. There's something about the lights and sounds of these places that get me all riled up!

We Went Back To His Place

I am not at all shy about spending time with clients in private places. With all the action going on at the casinos, we both decided to take a break and get to a quieter place. His hotel room would work fine. We had been anticipating some relaxation, perhaps in front of the television where we could snuggle together. However, when we went to his room, things took a turn.

My Client Wanted More

The man who had hired me wanted some more of the excitement he felt at the casinos. He was actually ahead money-wise when we had left, and he felt as if his luck was still flowing through his veins. He asked me if I would like to try a few hands of poker to help him relax before our alone time. 

It All Came Off

I called his bluff and agreed. I was pretty good at playing poker and wanted to show him my skills. Well, things really weren't in my favor that night. I lost a few hands right off the bat. My client wanted to add an incentive to playing the game, so strip poker it was. I lost every single stitch of clothing I was wearing, and rather quickly I might add! Somehow my client was still fully clothed.

More Happened Next

I decided this was the perfect opportunity to give him a lap dance and take our party to the bed for a massage. The night suddenly came alive and purely just because of the power of cardplaying, we were sharing intimate moments together that we would always remember. Whenever I go to a casino from now on, I'll be reminded about this night and how much fun it was to play strip poker with this client.