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Mya Talks About Some Of The Unusual Requests She Gets

Mya 3Hello everyone! I want to talk a little about special requests that clients have when they hire a personal stripper. I am one of the strippers available to hire, and I want to say, the client's preferences are always at the top of our priorities. I want you to feel good about hiring me and I want you to have a huge smile on your face when it comes time for us to part. That being said, with client preferences being a priority, here are some unusual requests I have had in the past....all of them fulfilled!

"Can I Touch Your Hair?"

I had one client that had a thing about my hair. He watched me strip, but instead of focusing upon my sexy body, he was more interested in what is on top of my head. I have all-natural hair and it has never been dyed, curled, teased, or processed in any way. Because of this, I think this particular client was especially focused upon the length and thickness my hair has. It was a bit unnerving that he wasn't really into watching my body all that much. Maybe he had a hair fetish? I am not completely sure. Anyway, he kept asking me if he could touch my hair. Of course, I complied. That did it for him. When my performance was over, he requested that he run his fingers through my hair for a while instead of being intimate. Okaaaaay....  So, we did this and he threw me a hefty tip and thanked me for my time. Hey, whatever the client wants is what we give!

"Let's Play A Little Game"

This was a fun date. I showed up at my client's hotel room and he was really into my presence. He was so happy to see me! I got ready for stripping and he told me to STOP right then and there. He told me I needed to answer a question before I removed an article of clothing. This was a Truth Or Dare type of game, only the dare portion was me taking off my clothing...which I was going to do anyway. I answered the questions to the best of my ability and removed one piece of my clothing after each one. A bit bizarre but it was interesting and he was really into watching my nude body move around. After awhile I was answering questions without a stitch of clothing on. It was much like a game show....only nude!

"I Want To Watch Without Full Lighting"

Most guys want to see all that I have to offer. One client wanted to watch me strip, but without intense lighting. He said that the subdued illumination gave him something to imagine rather than seeing all of my features outright. It was extremely sexy and made me want to get right to the intimate part of our date. Which we sure didn't waste any time doing. I didn't see his body, he didn't see all of mine, but it was one of the sultriest dates I have ever had.