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How To Avoid Getting Scammed at a Strip Club

Know What You're Getting

Ming 4Strip clubs are abundant in Las Vegas and many men head out to these establishments daily for entertainment. If you love watching the female body and are thinking about going to some strip clubs yourself, knowing how to protect yourself from possible scams is necessary so you and your money do not part unnecessarily. Read on to learn how to avoid getting scammed at a strip club.

Read The Fine Print Before Heading To The Club

Most strip clubs have extensive information about their establishments provided on their websites. It is best to do some homework about the pricing structure at the club you want to visit well before you head to it for the evening. Make sure to read all printed on the website as there may be small print indicating you need to purchase a certain amount in liquor or private entertainment in order to receive discounted rates. If you intend to drink, find out how much is being charged per drink, per person before you agree to have a beverage provided.

Bring Someone Along For The Show

Going to a strip club alone is not as fun as having someone to share the experience with you. A female is preferable as you can save money on lapdances and private dances if you select the right person as your companion. Instead, you can build up your excitement at the club and take your date back to your hotel room for a nightcap. Hiring an escort with stripping experience is a great alternative. Not only will you get to see stripping in the seclusion of your room, but you will also get to see your date's body up close and personal. You will also not have to worry about others stealing away your dancer.

Forego The Add-On Amenities

When you go to a strip club, it is easy to get caught up in the moment. You may be asked if you want a lapdance. If you say yes, you'll have to pay. A stripper may hint around that she would like a drink or to sit at your table with you for a bit. You will need to pay. Bringing a credit card with you could mean trouble if you don't know how to say no to some additional features you will be persuaded to purchase. Bringing a stack of singles to use as tips could help you keep your finances in check. Instead of indulging in add-ons, think about hiring an escort to provide you with these features at a pre-determined rate for her services. This way you will know exactly what you will receive and for what price, instead of possibly getting a surprise when you receive a bill at the end of a strip club stay.