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How Jessica Discovered Her Exhibitionist Side

Jessica 6Thank you for visiting! I am Jessica, and I am here to tell you about how I discovered that exhibitionism was a thing I really had an interest in. Not all people like showing off their bodies to others, but wow...I sure do! There's something about having others look your way that makes you feel like doing it more and more! Read on to learn how I discovered my new hobby.

My Looks Were Always Important To Me

I am one of those women who want to look their absolute best at all times. If you go out to the store with pajama bottoms on and a messy hairdo, you are bound to run into someone you know. I am not that girl! I always take the time to primp myself before I go anywhere at all. I think this is the reason why people gaze in my direction more often than not. If you take the time to select a becoming outfit and do your hair and makeup, you'll have people take second glances when you walk past. It is that acknowledgment that started my new passion. No one wants to be ignored, especially not me!

Praise Is Something I Tend To Strive For 

When you are praised for your efforts, you tend to try harder to please others. This happens whether you are on the job doing a task to get recognition from a boss or for being told you did a spectacular job with an activity you did around town or for a loved one. I love being praised and found that guys like to give it to me when I go out of my way to make them feel good. I started showing off a bit more of my body to others when going out on the town. Short skirts, peeks of the tops of my breasts with low cut blouses, or flattering half shirts to show off my midriff became my regular clothing choices. When a guy looked me up and down, I'd give him more than he bargained for. I'd bend down or lift my arms so that he'd see more than he expected. I sure do get a lot of "I like your outfit" from these people!

I Took My Exhibitionism To A New Level

As I discovered men really enjoyed seeing peeks of my body, I decided to bring my exhibition skills to more people. I was hired as a stripper and still do this work professionally, both on stage and in private settings. There's nothing more exciting to me than showing off my perfectly-sculpted body to deserving gentlemen. If they like what they see, they tend to want more from me...and I am extremely willing to provide them with their desires. If you want to see more of this body yourself, it isn't too hard to get a private viewing. All you need to do is call and book a date with me! I'll make sure you see everything you deserve!