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Everything But Nudity At Fetish And Fantasy Ball

Aubrey 3You've heard of the Fetish and Fantasy Ball and you are ready to give it a go and find out what all the fuss is about. You are about to embark on an experience you will not forget anytime soon! This ball is one that will bring out your inner child, let you run wild, and allow you to show off your style to others, Nudity is not allowed at this event, but this is not a big deal because there is so much more to enjoy!

Let Your Imagination Guide You

When you decide on your own costume, let your own fantasies be your guide to help you determine what type of clothing you want to wear. Keep in mind that you cannot show off all of your body. Nudity is strictly forbidden so make sure you have everything important covered up. It is more fun to let others wonder what you have underneath your clothing anyway, isn't it? The right cut of material and an appropriate color or design draped over your body will pique interest in what you have going on beneath your threads.

Movements Make Up For Nudity

While there is no nudity in the club, there's plenty of action on the dance floor and lounges. You don't need to be nude to experience the feeling of someone rubbing up against you as you both sway to the music. Getting pushed along in a group of people can be equally exciting as you don't know who you'll bump up against in a big crowd. 

Bringing The Right Person Helps Enhance The Experience

Consider bringing a date to the ball to share your experiences. If you do not know anyone in the area, hiring a date from our escort service is a great alternative. We have many beautiful women to choose from, each wishing to have a guy bring them to this exciting event. Your escort will dress to impress, tempt you with her curves, and show you so much more when the event comes to a close. Having someone by your side gives you a boost of self-esteem and will help you enjoy yourself to the fullest. Who needs nudity when you have a date who will show off her body to you after the event?

There's So Much More Than Costumes To Take In

While the costumes are certainly one of the features of this event, there is so much more to enjoy as you walk through the establishment. Featured drink specials are abundant, musical choices are spot on, and the selection of people to talk to are out of this world. Let loose and take it all in. This event is one you won't want to miss!