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Enjoy Your Own Private Rodeo In Your Room

Shea 1You've purchased your ticket to the upcoming Vegas rodeo finals and couldn't be happier about spending time at this exciting event when it arrives. What if you want to experience all things "rodeo" during this week during the times the event is not in session, however? There are several rodeo-inspired features going on throughout the city, but this means you have to get ready and go out into the public. You can have your own rodeo in the comfort of your own room! Read on to find out how.

Invite Some Escorts Over For The Experience

It is no fun having a rodeo on your own. There's no one else to speak with or show off your clothing to. You'll want to have others around to get the full effect. Hiring a few of our escorts is just what is needed to have a rodeo in style. Our girls will show up to your hotel room dressed in country apparel, setting the stage for an enthralling time you don't want to miss. As soon as they arrive, you'll know you are in for a real treat.

Get The Props Ready

For a real rodeo, there's gotta be animals involved. While you can't do this in a hotel room, you can get a blowup bull to use for the session. These can be rented from one of the party supply stores in the area. Alternately, purchase a large stuffed animal for the session. Position it in a location in your room where you'll have ample space to practice your lassoing skills. There's always the possibility of having one of your escorts pretend to be a bull or horse as well. Be sure to alert the escorts of your role-playing desires before you start a session so that they are not taken off-guard. Sport your favorite cowboy hat and designate one of your escorts as the commentator as you strut your stuff and attempt to wrangle your prize.

Be A Superstar

Any good cowboy deserves to be recognized when he performs well. You'll love the rewards you'll be given by your special women. You may enjoy a sultry striptease where your escort bares it all after your rodeo comes to an end. You may also be given a massage to relax your muscles after your session of roping and wrangling. Perhaps after your fun you'll want to go out on the town for a bit to show off your escorts to others you come into contact with. No matter what you decide upon, your escorts will be your side to make you feel good and help you look like a star. All it takes is a phone call to our service to alert us of your intentions, and we'll help you make your fantasy a reality.