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Deseree Wants To Be Your Bachelor Party Planner

Deseree 1Are you in charge of hosting a bachelor party for one of your friends or family members? Are you going to throw your own gala event before you tie the knot yourself? No matter who the guest of honor is, being prepared for a bachelor party is extremely important so guests in attendance are kept entertained. Adding strippers to the mix makes the event turn into a whole other type of ordeal...one with only positive benefits. We asked our party planner, Deseree, to provide us with some tips for hosting a top-notch party. Read on to learn how you can incorporate them into your own event.

Schedule Your Strippers Well In Advance

Escort services that have strippers available for hire tend to be busy, especially during the spring and summer months when weddings are taking place. To ensure your bachelor party has women showing up, it is best to contact a service months before the event is to take place. This way, you will know there will be girls coming to the party rather than needing to scramble at the last second to try to find some. If you wait, you risk having to hire women without experience. This is something you don't want to do as it could cause the party to be less than festive. Give us a call or send us an email to let us know the date of your party, so we can get the ball rolling in having strippers ready for you.

Pick Out The Exact Strippers You Want

Deseree is one of our most-requested strippers, as you may be able to tell when you look at her profile photos and summary. To get strippers to come to the party that your guests and yourself find desirable, it is best to browse our website for a bit before booking your women. This way you'll be able to get a sense of some of the personalities of strippers available and will be able to check out their features via photographs provided to help with your selection process. Pick out one or more of our gorgeous women and write or call to inquire about their availability.

Decide Upon The Surprise Factor Entrance

It's always fun to surprise guests in a way where they didn't expect the result. Deseree loves to help with the planning of a perfect entrance so guests have the shock factor that strippers are present. If you have any ideas about how you want to pull off a stripper surprise, let us know when you call or email to book your session. We will alert the women you hire and make sure everyone is on board with costumes, props, show up times, and dialogue. When your guests realize strippers are indeed in the house, the real partying will start to take place.